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Radgonske gorice d.o.o.
Slowenien - Podravje - Radgona-Kapela

Descripción del viñedo :

The stock company Radgonske gorice d.o.o. is the oldest and biggest producer of sparkling wines in Slovenia and a distinguished still wine producer.  The company has almost 500 ha of quite exceptional vineyards where broad range of wines such as Ranina, Traminer, Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are cultivated.

The sun-exposed vineyards are situated in the region of Slovenske gorice, between the rivers Š?avnica and Mura, where the subalpine and Pannonian climates meet, giving the wine its special quality and freshness. Typical for this climate are hot summers and cold winters. Enough sunlight, satisfactory temperatures, temperate precipitations and proper soil are natural factors, which satisfy any vine.

The characteristics of the face of the earth in this region are gentle risings of the ground and slightly rounded hills and tops; what prevails is softly agitated hilly land. Vineyards lie on sun exposed sides, about 220 to 240 m above sea level.

This hilly land is suitable and flattering to numerous vineyards. There are a lot of different winegrowing soils in this region. The soils that predominate are mainly sandstone and clay, at some points gravel. With suitable fertilization and cultivation we can grow grapes of high quality.

Radgonske gorice wine cellar has been filling Zlata radgonska penina made by the classical method since 1852. We also produce the Srebrna radgonska penina sparkling wine using the tank or charmat method, PET NAT, the Traminer wine “with a black label”, the popular and well-known Janževec, an indigenous Radgona variety: the Ranina wine as well as other choice wines.

The company employs 122 people and it has been a part of local as well as national heritage since 1852.

Back then, sparkling wine produced by the classic method of in-bottle secondary fermentation was first put on the market by a Radgona local named Kleinošek. The news was published in the “Bleiweisove novice”, an important Slovenian newspaper of the time. This marks the birth of the first and most awarded sparkling wine in Slovenia, the Zlata radgonska penina.

Nuestros vinos
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PET NAT Renina - 2019
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