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Terms and conditions 2021

General terms and conditions for participation in the organic wine award 2021

spring and autumn tasting

Wine competition exclusively for wines made ​​from organically grown grapes (certificate)

§1 Participants

Eligible for participation are all natural and actual persons of winegrowing, wine production co-ops, wine wholesalers, wine retailers and gastronomes. Private individuals may not submit wines.

§2 Numeral limit to participating wines

There is no limit to the number of wines a participant may submit.

§3 Permitted Classes/Legal Requirements

The wine must be produced 100% from organically grown grapes complying with respective national regulations, as well as for countries of the European Union pursuant to the EU regulation. Brandies, liqueurs, and alcohol-free wines may not participate. All samples must be part of a homogeneous partition of wine, carrying a charge number, lot number, official inspection number or another readily identifiable reference to a certain barrel, keg, tank, run, batch, or filling and must be marked accordingly. Wines from converting enterprise are non-eligible.

§4 Partial filling and barrel sample

In a case of partial filling, the use of awards is permitted under the condition of providing analysis for each further filling and submission of the back-up-bottle. The participant bears all expenses. Barrel samples are non-eligible for the award.
Barrel samples are permitted respectively quality management and product development. These will be tasted within a separate category providing an oenological and sensory assessment excluding the awarding of the medals.

§5 Categories

Eligible are wines of all grapes as well as blends of all vinification methods in the categories: white, red, rosé, dessert, sparkling wine, champagnes, natural wine and specialities. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to reassign any submitted wine to a different category during the evaluation process.

§6 Bottle size

Wines are to be submitted in bottle sizes customary in the trade. (Bottles of each size and shape, bag in box, tins, etc.).

§7 Participation fees

a) For each submitted wine, a participation fee will be charged.
The participation fee for the spring and autumn tastings each:
from 1 wine      -  97 €   for each wine
from 3 wines    -  92 €   for each wine
from 6 wines    -  89 €   for each wine
from 12 wines  -  85 €   for each wine

from 18 wines  -  79 €   for each wine
from 24 wines  -  69 €   for each wine
from 36 wines  -  65 €   for each wine
All quoted participation fees are without taxes. The legally required value added tax for the country where the competition is held will be added to all fees.
The participation fee won't be paid back for samples that were submitted twice.
b) After registration, every participant will receive his login credentials for the online registration of the wine details and an invoice as confirmation for the subscription.
c) The invoice amount is due immediately (without discounts or deductions). Complete payment is required for participation in the competition.
Payment shall take place by SEPA credit transfer.
d) In case of cancellation of the subscription a cancellation fee of € 50,- has to be paid.
In case of loss, damage, and of late delivery of the shipment there is a handling charge in the amount of the participation fee, maximum € 150, - net.

§8 Submission of samples

A sample of 3
(three) bottles for each of the registered wines must be submitted and mailed to the quoted address. All postage, taxes and duties must be paid, and the shipment must arrive free of any charge or obligation to the recipient. The wines must be accompanied by the fully completed wine pass (online or facsimile template). All submitted samples become the property of the recipient and no return of any samples, including empty bottles or packaging, will be made to the participant.

§9 Deadlines

The deadlines for submission of all wines, please see “appointments”. Samples that arrive late cannot be considered for participation. Samples cannot be returned.
The paid invoice amount will not be refunded.

§10 Jury/Evaluation

The jury is comprised of qualified and recognized certified PAR masters and guest tasters. The wines are tasted blindly according to the PAR testing method.
The wines are evaluated according to their product category, origin (terroir), style and marketability. The results are transparent and will be converted to the international 100 point system. The awards will be given in each category according to the scored number of points. In addition, special awards may be given.

§11 Logo

The logo or any other insignia linked to the organizers as well as awards may be used by the participants in agreement with the organizers. The proprietorship and all rights of the logo and awards insignia remain with the organizer. Unauthorized use, alteration or reproduction is prohibited. 

§12 Use of medals

Authorized use may only occur in conjunction with the awarded wine and its submitted
charge number and label. The use must meet the criteria of competition law of the country where the wine has been produced. The responsibility and liability rest with the participant, resp. its assign. In the case of German wines, awards may be featured as defined in §30 (1) of the German Wine Regulation.

§13 Litigation/Fulfilment

The court of litigation and the place of fulfilment is the place of business of the organizer. German law will apply exclusively.

§14 Acceptance of event terms and conditions

By completing a binding registration, all participants recognize the terms and conditions of participation as legally binding and expressly accept any and all results of the evaluation. An appeal of the evaluation results is not permitted.

§15 Concluding Items

(1) Exclusion
The organizers may exclude any participant from the event, especially in case of submitted untrue or willingly false information. The organizers reserve the right to claim for damages. There is no legal claim to participation in the event. Submitted wine samples for which the registration fees have not been paid, will be excluded from participation.
(2) Clause of usage
The participant agrees that unused sample quantities may be used gratuitously for national and international comparison tasting, for training and education purposes and for the common cause of furthering international wine culture.


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