PAR - Points

PAR - Points

PAR – More transparency and flexibility in wine evaluation

The common 100 point evaluation schemes start at approximately 70 points and, with a few exceptions, go up to 96 or 97 points. This indicates that 90% of all evaluated wines are dealt with within a range of 25 points (70-95).

The 100 point PAR evaluation system starts at 55 points. Wines ranking below 50 points are referred to as faulty. Wines ranking up to 55 points are accepted although they clearly have a deficiency. 56 points and more indicate a flawless wine with different possible quality levels.

The tasters therefore have the chance to evaluate a lot more transparently within the ranking levels. The points award is comprehensible in detail and can be accessed online worldwide since PAR offers up to 24 evaluation parameters.

96 - 100 points Grand Gold
World-class wines, which can cause an unforgettable, defining and sensual experience. Specific optimum harvests unite with perfectly implemented trade and characteristically strong stylistics concerning type and origin. These wines are able to fascinate and convince any extravagant wine enthusiast entirely.

90 - 95 points Gold
First-class wines, international peak, which belong to the most expressive of their kind. A clear, volume emphasised concentration of senso-active substance groups, absolute pure colour note and distinctive characteristics are present.

83 - 89 points Silver
Excellent wines, sensorially remarkable substance groups, which awaken experienced taters´ attention.

75 - 82 points Recommendation
Pure colour noted, “clean and dense” wines, sort-typical, with recognisable character and style. Recommendable at all times. Some poits are over the expected standard and clearly within the top third.

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